Are you ready for the afterlife? How tech can help us achieve immortality

Credit: V&A Museum

Technological innovations could help us achieve immortality and preserve the future of the human race

THE idea of creating a โ€˜digital youโ€™ that lives on after you die may sound like something straight out of Black Mirror but the wheels are already in motion โ€” as are developments to ensure the future survival of our race should doomsday descend.

The Eternime app, for example, which is still in testing mode, uses social media posts to build a digital avatar your family and friends can interact with after youโ€™re dead. So far, so creepy, right? The app features in a major new exhibition at Londonโ€™s Victoria and Albert Museum called The Future Starts Here, where the digital afterlife is just one of the technological innovations that could โ€” in theory โ€” keep us living forever…

The full article appeared in the 18 May 2018 print edition of Metro and can also be viewed in the e-edition.